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Old 01-26-2007
PuTTY 0.59

On my opinion, one of the best ssh/telnet clients for windows, putty released a new version:

Get it here, PuTTY 0.59

- PuTTY can now connect to local serial ports as well as making network connections.
- Improved speed of SSH, particularly SSH-2 key exchange and public-key authentication
- Improved SFTP throughput

PuTTY Change Log

regards pressy
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Old 01-29-2007
PuTTY is for UNIX, as well! And the UNIX version also works with comm ports. Hurrah, and about time. Minicom was painful.
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Old 01-30-2007
For all of you who works under NT environment, I want to share this software - it's a console client, much like "Konsole" in KDE, but for Win. It has tabs, possibility for splitting up to 4 windows in one tab, all the commands available (send signals), authentication methods, etc, plus color schemes, it can look just like Konsole.
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