HP-UX Boot Camp | HPE Executive Keynotes and Breakout Sessions Added

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HP HP-UX Boot Camp | HPE Executive Keynotes and Breakout Sessions Added

Several breakout sessions have been approved for Boot Camp! The Call for Papers is open until March 15th, and the final schedule will be released in April 2016. Check the official HP-UX Boot Camp website frequently as sessions are announced.


DAY 1 : Integrity & HP-UX for Mission-critical environments
Jeff Kyle, Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Director, HPE MCS Product Management

DAY 2 : Engineering HP-UX for Mission-critical environments
Ranga Nadiger, Hewlett Packard Enterprise - Director, MCS HP-UX Engineering


ROUNDTABLE : HP-UX System Administration Round Table
Patrick Wallek and Bill Hassell, Service IT Direct

BREAKOUT SESSION : Infrastructure: Virtualization for Mission-critical environments
Santosh Abraham, Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HP-UX Architect

BREAKOUT SESSION : Manageability: Simplifying Management
Leo Demers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise - HP-UX Planner Architect

CDA BREAKOUT SESSION : HP-UX / Integrity Roadmap (*CDA Required)
Leo Demers, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, HP-UX Planner Architect
Ranga Nadiger, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Director, HPE MCS HP-UX Engineering

BREAKOUT SESSION : Manageability: Boosting performance with Integrity systems and HP-UX
Santosh Abraham and Ravindra Kini, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

BREAKOUT SESSION : Disaster-proofing your mission critical workloads (e.g. Oracle, SAP) with HPE Serviceguard
G M Bhaskar, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
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MOUNT_SYSVBFS(8)					    BSD System Manager's Manual 					  MOUNT_SYSVBFS(8)

mount_sysvbfs -- mount a System V Boot File System SYNOPSIS
mount_sysvbfs [-o options] special node DESCRIPTION
The mount_sysvbfs command attaches the System V Boot File System on the special device on to the file system tree at point node. Both special and node are converted to absolute paths before use. This command is normally executed by mount(8) at boot time. The options are as follows: -o Options are specified with a -o flag followed by a comma separated string of options. See the mount(8) man page for possible options and their meanings. SEE ALSO
mount(2), unmount(2), fstab(5), mount(8) HISTORY
A mount_sysvbfs command first appeared in NetBSD 4.0. BUGS
The sysvbfs support is still experimental and there are few sanity checks, so it is possible for a corrupted file system to cause a crash. BSD
September 21, 2005 BSD

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