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GCC for tha AMIGA...

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GCC for tha AMIGA...

Hi guys...

For the AMIGA fans out there...

Not sure if this is the right forum but someone has done a successful working port of gcc for the classic AMIGA A1200.

It contains a very large subset of *NIX commands and now AMIGA fanatics like me can include another platform, within the platforms limits.

The gcc version is old 2.95.3 but hey the platform is old too and opens up a new avenue to learn shell scripting.

The shell is ksh.

The source code is there along with pre-compiled binaries, much more too.

It is on AMINET here:-

Aminet - dev/gcc/

Get out your old A1200s and have a little fun... ;oD
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ABS(3)							     Linux Programmer's Manual							    ABS(3)

abs, labs, llabs, imaxabs - compute the absolute value of an integer
#include <stdlib.h> int abs(int j); long int labs(long int j); long long int llabs(long long int j); #include <inttypes.h> intmax_t imaxabs(intmax_t j); Feature Test Macro Requirements for glibc (see feature_test_macros(7)): llabs(): _XOPEN_SOURCE >= 600 || _ISOC99_SOURCE; or cc -std=c99
The abs() function computes the absolute value of the integer argument j. The labs(), llabs() and imaxabs() functions compute the absolute value of the argument j of the appropriate integer type for the function.
Returns the absolute value of the integer argument, of the appropriate integer type for the function.
SVr4, POSIX.1-2001, 4.3BSD, C99. C89 only includes the abs() and labs() functions; the functions llabs() and imaxabs() were added in C99.
Trying to take the absolute value of the most negative integer is not defined. The llabs() function is included in glibc since version 2.0, but is not in libc5 or libc4. The imaxabs() function is included in glibc since version 2.1.1. For llabs() to be declared, it may be necessary to define _ISOC99_SOURCE or _ISOC9X_SOURCE (depending on the version of glibc) before including any standard headers. GCC handles abs() and labs() as built-in functions. GCC 3.0 also handles llabs() and imaxabs() as built-ins.
cabs(3), ceil(3), fabs(3), floor(3), rint(3)
This page is part of release 3.25 of the Linux man-pages project. A description of the project, and information about reporting bugs, can be found at
2007-07-26 ABS(3)

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