MySQL dropped in favor of MariaDB

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MySQL dropped in favor of MariaDB

Fedora and openSUSE will replace MySQL with MariaDB:
Oracle who? Fedora & openSUSE will replace MySQL with MariaDB | ZDNet
The article also has a comment that Chakra is planning on doing the same. No doubt the Fedora based distributions are planning to do the same.
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We have been contemplating moving the forums MySQL dB to MariaDB sometime later this year or maybe next.
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Thank you for the heads-up. Once Slackware and Debian start making the same switch (or even contemplating the switch), then it is only a matter of time before all derivative distributions start doing the same and the future for MySQL is very chilly indeed.
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I've done this on my personal servers and no issues to report for me at least.
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I felt the writing was on the wall way back when MySQL split into free and open "community" and expensive high-end "enterprise" versions. That's not open, and part of why Sun was able to waltz in and hijack it so easily, IMHO.
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In the beginning it was not expensive at all: for 400 USD you would have lifetime support. In the early 2000s this was a popular option.
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