MySQL dropped in favor of MariaDB

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The point is it was already a closed-source, commercial entity. This made it far easier to purchase and corrupt, since you really can give them a deal they cannot refuse.
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DateTime::Format::MySQL(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			      DateTime::Format::MySQL(3pm)

DateTime::Format::MySQL - Parse and format MySQL dates and times SYNOPSIS
use DateTime::Format::MySQL; my $dt = DateTime::Format::MySQL->parse_datetime( '2003-01-16 23:12:01' ); # 2003-01-16 23:12:01 DateTime::Format::MySQL->format_datetime($dt); DESCRIPTION
This module understands the formats used by MySQL for its DATE, DATETIME, TIME, and TIMESTAMP data types. It can be used to parse these formats in order to create DateTime objects, and it can take a DateTime object and produce a string representing it in the MySQL format. METHODS
This class offers the following methods. All of the parsing methods set the returned DateTime object's time zone to the floating time zone, because MySQL does not provide time zone information. * parse_datetime($string) * parse_date($string) * parse_timestamp($string) Given a value of the appropriate type, this method will return a new "DateTime" object. The time zone for this object will always be the floating time zone, because by MySQL stores the local datetime, not UTC. If given an improperly formatted string, this method may die. * format_date($datetime) * format_time($datetime) * format_datetime($datetime) Given a "DateTime" object, this methods returns an appropriately formatted string. SUPPORT
Support for this module is provided via the email list. See for more details. AUTHOR
Dave Rolsky <> COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2003 David Rolsky. All rights reserved. This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. The full text of the license can be found in the LICENSE file included with this module. SEE ALSO mailing list perl v5.8.8 2006-10-23 DateTime::Format::MySQL(3pm)

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