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Gnome 3 postponed

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Gnome 3 postponed

In other news this week: the Gnome 3 release has been postponed to March 2011. The official press release: GNOME 3.0 Rescheduled for March 2011 Release

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gnome-options(7)                                                Gnome User's Manual                                               gnome-options(7)

gnome-options - Standard Command Line Options for GNOME 2 Programs SYNOPSIS
program [standard options] [specific options] arguments DESCRIPTION
This manual page describes the command line options, which are common to all Gnome applications. OPTIONS
Help options -?, --help Show the applications help message. --usage Display a brief usage message. --version Show the applications's version information. Bonobo Activation support --oaf-ior-fd=FD File descriptor to print IOR on --oaf-activate-iid=IID IID to activate --oaf-private Prevent registering of server with OAF GNOME library options --disable-sound Disable sound server usage --enable-sound Enable sound server usage --espeaker=HOSTNAME:PORT Host:port on which the esd sound server to use is running. This is useful if you simultaneously run programs on several machines. GNOME GUI options --disable-crash-dialog Disable the crash dialog, which is normally shown when the application segfaults. Session management options --sm-client-id=ID Specify session management ID. Only used by the session manager itself while restarting the application. --sm-config-prefix=PREFIX Specify prefix of saved configuration. --sm-disable Disable connection to session manager. Other options --load-modules=MODULE1,MODULE2,... Dynamic modules to load SEE ALSO
For most GNOME programs there will be additional command line options, which are specific to the program. These will be explained in the Application options section of the --help output and in the application's online help. AUTHOR
This manual page was written by Jochen Voss <>. A first version was generated with the help of the help2man program. The program's output was manually edited later. GNOME 2.2 2003-10-20 gnome-options(7)

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