Are the UnixWare 7.1.1 sources available?

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Are the UnixWare 7.1.1 sources available?

So, I was browsing, and I was surprised to read that Pamela Jones was reading the copyright notices in the UnixWare 7.1.1 source code files...

Groklaw - Santa Cruz Listed Novell as Owning the Copyrights in 1999

How can that be? Are the UnixWare 7.1.1 sources available to the public? How did Groklaw's Pamela Jones got hold of that source code?

Can anybody shed some light into this, please?
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Many copyright notices appear in various text files released with every distribution, including C header files. No need to look at undisclosed source files.
And of course, UnixWare is closed source.
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