Event: DevMob 2010

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Event: DevMob 2010

Register for Dev Mob 2010 - free London conference/barcamp giving developers interested in portable devices the opportunity to discuss their issues and find solutions.

If you would like to suggest or host a session (or just participate) on any kind of mobile development issue, please register at DevMob 2010 - Uniting mobile application developers in London

Event details:
3rd February 2010
Science Museum, South Kensington, London
Registration is free and refreshments will be provided!

Plus: chance to win a netbook courtesy of ASUS (event sponsors)
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Test Your Knowledge in Computers #59
Difficulty: Easy
A compiler is a software utility that translates a program written in high-level language into machine-level language.
True or False?
Dev(3)							User Contributed Perl Documentation						    Dev(3)

PDL::Core::Dev - PDL development module DESCRIPTION
This module encapsulates most of the stuff useful for PDL development and is often used from within Makefile.PL's. SYNOPSIS
use PDL::Core::Dev; if ($^O =~ /win32/i) { warn "Win32 systems not yet supported. Will not build PDL::IO::Browser"; write_dummy_make(unsupported('PDL::XXX','win32')); return; } FUNCTIONS
isbigendian Is the machine big or little endian? print "Your machins is big endian. " if isbigendian(); returns 1 if the machine is big endian, 0 if little endian, or dies if neither. It uses the "byteorder" element of perl's %Config array. my $retval = isbigendian(); trylink a perl configure clone if (trylink 'libGL', '', 'char glBegin(); glBegin();', '-lGL') { $libs = '-lGLU -lGL'; $have_GL = 1; } else { $have_GL = 0; } $maybe = trylink 'libwhatever', $inc, $body, $libs, $cflags, {MakeMaker=>1, Hide=>0, Clean=>1}; Try to link some C-code making up the body of a function with a given set of library specifiers return 1 if successful, 0 otherwise trylink $infomsg, $include, $progbody, $libs [,$cflags,{OPTIONS}]; Takes 4 + 2 optional arguments. o an informational message to print (can be empty) o any commands to be included at the top of the generated C program (typically something like "#include "mylib.h"") o the body of the program (in function main) o library flags to use for linking. Preprocessing by MakeMaker should be performed as needed (see options and example). o compilation flags. For example, something like "-I/usr/local/lib". Optional argument. Empty if omitted. OPTIONS MakeMaker Preprocess library strings in the way MakeMaker does things. This is advisable to ensure that your code will actually work after the link specs have been processed by MakeMaker. Hide Controls if linking output etc is hidden from the user or not. On by default except within the build of the PDL distribution where the config value set in perldl.conf prevails. Clean Remove temporary files. Enabled by default. You might want to switch it off during debugging. perl v5.8.0 2002-06-29 Dev(3)

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