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Event: DevMob 2010

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Event: DevMob 2010

Register for Dev Mob 2010 - free London conference/barcamp giving developers interested in portable devices the opportunity to discuss their issues and find solutions.

If you would like to suggest or host a session (or just participate) on any kind of mobile development issue, please register at DevMob 2010 - Uniting mobile application developers in London

Event details:
3rd February 2010
Science Museum, South Kensington, London
Registration is free and refreshments will be provided!

Plus: chance to win a netbook courtesy of ASUS (event sponsors)

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iPhone OS 1.0 was first released with great fanfare during the US Super Bowl in 2007.
True or False?
zerofill(1)                                                        GNU Telephony                                                       zerofill(1)

zerofill - clear unused disk space and blank devices. SYNOPSIS
zerofill [options] [devices] ... DESCRIPTION
This command is a relative of nullfile. Like nullfile, it can be used to write all unused disk space with '0', thereby making file systems that are stored on virtual machines easier to pack. In addition, zerofill can fill unused disk space with random data before zeroing, which can be useful to remove forensic trace of deleted files. Finally, zerofile can be told to operate on and zero (erase) complete disk devices. OPTIONS
--random=count Number of passes to use writing random data before wiping data. --help Outputs help screen for the user. AUTHOR
zerofill was written by David Sugar <>. REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs to COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2010 David Sugar, Tycho Softworks. This is free software; see the source for copying conditions. There is NO warranty; not even for MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICU- LAR PURPOSE. GNU uCommon January 2010 zerofill(1)

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