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Naviscore NMS for Lucent Switch Problem

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Naviscore NMS for Lucent Switch Problem

We have a network of Lucent BSTDX9000 switches for fiber and wireless links in the United States and Costa Rica. I was dragging a BSTDX9000 icon in my Naviscore NMS and it disappeared.
All of my trunks are still up but I can't figure out how to get the icon back. I'm screwed if something happens in that switch and I can't get into it.
If you or somebody you know can help, it would be greatly appreciated
I'm willing to pay whatever it takes and we can set someone up to remotely log in.
You can also contact me on my cell. 602-370-9750

Thanks, Scott

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WAVELAN_CS(4)						     Kernel Interfaces Manual						     WAVELAN_CS(4)

wavelan_cs - AT&T GIS WaveLAN PCMCIA device driver SYNOPSIS
insmod wavelan_cs.o [irq_list=i,j,...] [mem_speed=n] [do_roaming=n] DESCRIPTION
wavelan_cs is the low-level Card Services driver for the NCR / AT&T / Lucent WaveLAN PCMCIA and Digital (DEC) RoamAbout DS wireless ether- net adapter. When this driver is attached to a card, it allocates the next available ethernet device (eth0..eth#). This device name will be passed on to cardmgr(8) for the card configuration, and reported in the kernel log file with the MAC address, NWID and frequency used by the card. PARAMETERS
irq_list=i,j,... Specifies the set of interrupts that may be allocated by this driver. mem_speed=n Sets the access speed of the shared memory window, in nanoseconds. The default is 0 (i.e., no extra wait states). do_roaming=n Enables or disables roaming mode. The default is 1 (roam). WIRELESS EXTENSIONS
Use iwconfig(8) to manipulate wireless extensions. Mode Set the operating mode to Ad-Hoc or Managed. This in fact disable or enable roaming support. This setting is not saved in hardware. Network ID Set the network ID [0 to FFFF] or disable it [off] or reenable it [on]. As the NWID is stored in the card Permanent Storage Area, it will be reuse at any further invocation of the driver. Frequency & channels For the 2.4GHz 2.00 Hardware, you are able to set the frequency by specifying one of the 10 defined channels (2.412, 2.422, 2.425, 2.4305, 2.432, 2.442, 2.452, 2.460, 2.462 or 2.484) or directly by its value. The frequency is changed immediately and permanentely. Frequency availability depend on the regulations... Sensitivity Signal level threshold for packet reception [0 to 63]. Should be set according to the ambiant noise level. Encryption key Set the encryption key [0 to FFFF-FFFF-FFFF-FFFF]. Use [off] and [on] to disable and reenable the hardware encryption. This feature works only for device with encryption option (DES or AES). Statistics spy Set a list of MAC addresses in the driver (up to 8) and get the last quality of link for each of those (see iwspy(8)). /proc/net/wireless status is the status reported by the modem. Link quality reports the quality of the modulation on the air (direct sequence spread spec- trum) [max = 16]. Level and Noise refer to the signal level and noise level [max = 64]. The crypt discarded packet and misc discarded packet counters are not implemented. PRIVATE IOCTL
You may use iwpriv(8) to manipulate private ioctls. Quality threshold Enable you the define the quality threshold used by the modem (packet below that level are discarded). Histogram This functionality allow to set a number of signal level intervals and to count the number of packets received in each of those defined intervals. This distribution might be used to calculate the mean value and standard deviation of the signal level. OTHER FEATURES
Hot unplug support. Power saving (use 'ifconfig down'). SPECIFIC NOTES
This driver will fail to load some non NCR/ATT&T/Lucent Wavelan cards. If it's your case, you must look in the source code on how to add your card to the detection routine. Some of the mentioned features are optional. You may enable to disable them by changing flags in the driver header and recompile. AUTHOR
Anthony D. Joseph - Jean Tourrilhes - (+ others - see source code for details) SEE ALSO
wavelan(4), cardmgr(8), pcmcia(5), ifconfig(8), insmod(1), iwconfig(8), iwspy(8), iwpriv(8). MIT Lab. for Comp. Sci. 4/16/95 WAVELAN_CS(4)

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