Neo's Album: Forum Pics II

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Forum Pics II
Beta Prototype Badges - Opacity for Reserved Badges
Thanked Received Prototype Badges (6)
11 Out of 48 Prototype Badges Done
Badges Beta 1 - Ravinder's Badges
Badges Beta 1a
Badges Beta 1
Moderation Links Moved to Moderation Tab in UIM
UserCP Menu in UIM
UserCP Menu in UIM
UserCP Menu in UIM
UserCP Menu in UIM
Member's Album Link Added to UIM
Second User Infractions List (Legacy)
Old Stats Link for Mods in UIM
Bootstraping Infraction Page
Update to Moderating Stats (Infractions)
User Notes Permissions
Mod Stats
Member Information and Badges (Beta 3 by Neo)
UIM in Welcome to our newest member, nateliv
UIM in What's Up? Active Users Currently Active Users
UIM in Search Results Thanks Box
UIM in Postbit Thanks Box
User Info Modal in Postbit
Experimental Bootstrap File Manager in Advanced Editor