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X11R7.4 - man page for xorgfoundation (x11r4 section 7)

XORGFOUNDATION(7)		 Miscellaneous Information Manual		XORGFOUNDATION(7)

       XOrgFoundation - X.Org Foundation information

       Release 7.0 of X Version 11 is brought to you by the X.Org Foundation, LLC.

       The  X.Org Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit 501(c)(3) charity corporation.  It
       was formed in 2004 as the successor to the X.Org Group at The Open Group. The  purpose  of
       the  X.Org  Foundation  is  to foster the development, evolution, and maintenance of the X
       Window System, a comprehensive set of vendor-neutral,  system-architecture  neutral,  net-
       work-transparent  windowing  and user interface standards. Membership in the X.Org Founda-
       tion is free and open to anyone. The X.Org Foundation hosts a public CVS repository of the
       source code on Freedesktop.Org.

       The  X  Window System was created in the mid-1980s at the Massachusetts Institute of Tech-
       nology.	In 1988, MIT formed a member-funded  consortium  to  provide  the  technical  and
       administrative leadership necessary to support further development of the X Window System.
       In 1992, MIT and the membership decided it was in their best interests to move the consor-
       tium  out of MIT and create an independent, stand-alone organization.  All rights to the X
       Window System were assigned by MIT to X Consortium, Inc. on January 1, 1994.  On  December
       31,  1996  the  X  Consortium, Inc. closed its doors and all rights to the X Window System
       were assigned to The Open Group (then known as the Open Software Foundation.)

       The X.Org Foundation's web site is http://www.x.org/

       The X.Org Foundation's public ftp site is ftp://ftp.x.org/

       Information about the X.Org Foundation CVS repository is on the Freedesktop.Org	web  site
       at http://www.freedesktop.org/Software/xorg

X Version 11				  xorg-docs 1.4 			XORGFOUNDATION(7)

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