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X11R7.4 - man page for xtsetsensitive (x11r4 section 3)

XtSetSensitive(3)			   XT FUNCTIONS 			XtSetSensitive(3)

       XtSetSensitive, XtIsSensitive - set and check a widget's sensitivity state

       void XtSetSensitive(Widget w, Boolean sensitive);

       Boolean XtIsSensitive(Widget w);

       sensitive Specifies a Boolean value that indicates whether the widget should receive key-
		 board and pointer events.

       w	 Specifies the widget.

       The XtSetSensitive function first calls XtSetValues on the current widget with an argument
       list specifying that the sensitive field should change to the new value.  It then recur-
       sively propagates the new value down the managed children tree by calling XtSetValues on
       each child to set the ancestor_sensitive to the new value if the new values for sensitive
       and the child's ancestor_sensitive are not the same.

       XtSetSensitive calls XtSetValues to change sensitive and ancestor_sensitive.  Therefore,
       when one of these changes, the widget's set_values procedure should take whatever display
       actions are needed (for example, greying out or stippling the widget).

       XtSetSensitive maintains the invariant that if parent has either sensitive or ances-
       tor_sensitive False, then all children have ancestor_sensitive False.

       The XtIsSensitive function returns True or False to indicate whether or not user input
       events are being dispatched.  If both core.sensitive and core.ancestor_sensitive are True,
       XtIsSensitive returns True; otherwise, it returns False.

       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libXt 1.0.5				XtSetSensitive(3)

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