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XSetDeviceMode(3)			   X FUNCTIONS				XSetDeviceMode(3)

       XSetDeviceMode - change the mode of a device

       XSetDeviceMode(display, device, mode)
	     Display *display;
	     XDevice *device;
	     int _mode;

       display	   Specifies the connection to the X server.

       device	   Specifies the device whose mode is to be changed.

       mode	   Specifies the mode.	You can pass Absolute , or Relative.

       The  XSetDeviceMode request changes the mode of an input device that is capable of report-
       ing either absolute positional information or relative motion information.  Not all  input
       devices	are  capable  of reporting motion data, and not all are capable of changing modes
       from Absolute to Relative.

       XSetDeviceMode can generate a BadDevice or BadMode error.

       BadDevice   An invalid device was specified.  The specified device does not exist  or  has
		   not	been  opened  by  this	client via XOpenInputDevice.  This error may also
		   occur if some other client has caused the specified device  to  become  the	X
		   keyboard  or X pointer device via the XChangeKeyboardDevice or XChangePointer-
		   Device requests.

       BadMatch    This error may occur if an XSetDeviceMode request is made specifying a  device
		   that has no valuators and reports no axes of motion.

       BadMode	   An invalid mode was specified.  This error will also be returned if the speci-
		   fied device is not capable of supporting the XSetDeviceMode request.

       Programming with Xlib

X Version 11				   libXi 1.2.1				XSetDeviceMode(3)
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