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X11R7.4 - man page for xresqueryextension (x11r4 section 3)

XRes(3) 			     Library Functions Manual				  XRes(3)

       XRes - X-Resource extension client library

       #include <X11/extensions/XRes.h>

       typedef struct {
	    XID 	   resource_base;
	    XID 	   resource_mask;
       } XResClient;

       typedef struct {
	    Atom	   resource_type;
	    unsigned int   count;
       } XResType;

       Bool XResQueryExtension(Display *dpy, int *event_basep, int *error_basep);

       Status XResQueryVersion(Display *dpy, int *major_versionp, int *minor_versionp);

       Status XResQueryClients(Display *dpy, int *num_clients, XResClient **clients);

       Status XResQueryClientResources(Display *dpy, XID xid, int *num_types, XResType **types);

       Status XResQueryClientPixmapBytes(Display *dpy, XID xid, unsigned long *bytes);

       X-Resource  is  an extension that allows a client to query the X server about its usage of
       various resources. It should not be mixed with the X resource database access functions.

       XResQueryExtension returns True if the XRes extension is available on the  given  display.
       A  client  must call XResQueryExtension before calling any other XRes function in order to
       negotiate a compatible protocol version; otherwise the client will get undefined  behavior
       (XRes may or may not work).

       XResQueryVersion  returns True if the request succeeded; the values of the major and minor
       protocol versions supported by the server are returned in  major_versionp  and  minor_ver-
       sionp .

       XResQueryClients  fills a list of clients of the given display. For each client it returns
       in the XResClient structure a mask and a  base  value  of  the  resources  used	by  these
       clients.  Returns True on success or False on failure.

       XResQueryClientResources fills a list of XResType structures, indicating for each resource
       type allocated by the client its name (as an Atom) and the number  of  resources  of  this
       type allocated.	Returns True on success or False on failure.

       XresQueryClientPixmapBytes  gives,  for resources of type PIXMAP the total number of bytes
       allocated in the X server by the given client.  Returns True on success or False on  fail-

       XResQueryClientResources  and XResQueryClientPixmapBytes will return BadValue if passed an
       illegal client identifier.


       Mark Vojkovich, originally for The XFree86 Project Inc.

       This API is considered as experimental. The XRes library major revision may be incremented
       whenever incompatible changes are done to the API without notice. Use with care.

X Version 11				  libXres 1.0.3 				  XRes(3)

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