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XkbNoteNameChanges(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		    XkbNoteNameChanges(3)

       XkbNoteNameChanges - Note the changed names in a changes structure

       void XkbNoteNameChanges ( old, new, wanted )
	     XkbNameChangesPtr old;
	     XkbNamesNotifyEvent * new;
	     unsigned int wanted;

       - old  XkbNameChanges structure to be updated

       - new  event from which changes are to be copied

       - wanted
	      types of names for which changes are to be noted

       When your application receives a XkbNamesNotify event, you can note the changed names in a
       changes structure using XkbNoteNameChanges.

       The wanted parameter is the bitwise inclusive OR of the valid names mask bits shown in Ta-
       ble  1.	 XkbNoteNameChanges  copies any changes that are reported in new and specified in
       wanted into the changes record specified by old.

				 Table 1 Symbolic Names Masks
       Mask Bit 		Value	   Keyboard	Field
       XkbKeycodesNameMask	(1<<0)	   Xkb->names	keycodes
       XkbGeometryNameMask	(1<<1)	   Xkb->names	geometry
       XkbSymbolsNameMask	(1<<2)	   Xkb->names	symbols
       XkbPhysSymbolsNameMask	(1<<3)	   Xkb->names	phys_symbols
       XkbTypesNameMask 	(1<<4)	   Xkb->names	type
       XkbCompatNameMask	(1<<5)	   Xkb->names	compat
       XkbKeyTypeNamesMask	(1<<6)	   Xkb->map	type[*].name
       XkbKTLevelNamesMask	(1<<7)	   Xkb->map	type[*].lvl_names[*]
       XkbIndicatorNamesMask	(1<<8)	   Xkb->names	indicators[*]
       XkbKeyNamesMask		(1<<9)	   Xkb->names	keys[*], num_keys
       XkbKeyAliasesMask	(1<<10)    Xkb->names	key_aliases[*], num_key_aliases
       XkbVirtualModNamesMask	(1<<11)    Xkb->names	vmods[*]
       XkbGroupNamesMask	(1<<12)    Xkb->names	groups[*]
       XkbRGNamesMask		(1<<13)    Xkb->names	radio_groups[*], num_rg
       XkbComponentNamesMask	(0x3f)	   Xkb->names	keycodes,
							physical symbols,
							types, and
							compatibility map
       XkbAllNamesMask		(0x3fff)   Xkb->names	all name components

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 		    XkbNoteNameChanges(3)
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