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X11R7.4 - man page for xkblibraryversion (x11r4 section 3)

XkbLibraryVersion(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		     XkbLibraryVersion(3)

       XkbLibraryVersion -  Determines the compatibility of a library at runtime.

       Bool XkbLibraryVersion ( lib_major_in_out, lib_minor_in_out )
	     int *lib_major_in_out;
	     int *lib_minor_in_out;

	      Specifies and returns the major Xkb library version.

	      Specifies and returns the minor Xkb library version.

       If  an  application is dynamically linked, both the X server and the client-side X library
       must contain the Xkb extension in order for the client to use the Xkb extension	capabili-
       ties.  Therefore  a  dynamically  linked  application  must check both the library and the
       server for compatibility before using Xkb function calls. A properly written program  must
       check  for compatibility between the version of the Xkb library that is dynamically loaded
       and the one used when the application was built. It must then check the server version for
       compatibility with the version of Xkb in the library.

       If  your  application  is statically linked, you must still check for server compatibility
       and may check library compatibility. (It is possible to compile against one set of  header
       files  and  link  against a different, incompatible, version of the library, although this
       should not normally occur.)

       Pass the  symbolic  value  XkbMajorVersion  in  lib_major_in_out  and  XkbMinorVersion  in
       lib_minor_in_out.   These  arguments  represent the version of the library used at compile
       time. The XkbLibraryVersion function backfills the major and minor version numbers of  the
       library used at run time in lib_major_in_out and lib_minor_in_out.  If the versions of the
       compile time and run time libraries are compatible, XkbLibraryVersion returns True, other-
       wise, it returns False.

       In  addition,  in  order  to  use the Xkb extension, you must ensure that the extension is
       present in the server and that the server supports the version of the  extension  expected
       by the client. Use XkbQueryExtension to do this, as described in the next section.

       True	      The  XkbLibraryVersion returns True if the versions of the compile time and
		      run time libraries are compatible.

       False	      The XkbLibraryVersion returns False if the versions of the compile time and
		      run time libraries are not compatible.

       XkbMajorVersion(3), XkbMinorVersion(3), XkbQueryExtension(3)

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 		     XkbLibraryVersion(3)

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