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XkbGetNameChanges(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		     XkbGetNameChanges(3)

       XkbGetNameChanges - Update the local copy of the keyboard description with the actual val-
       ues of the results of one or more calls to XkbNoteNameChanges

       Status XkbGetNameChanges ( dpy, xkb, changes )
	     Display * dpy;
	     XkbDescPtr xkb;
	     XkbNameChangesPtr changes;

       - dpy  connection to the X server

       - xkb  keyboard description to which names are copied

       - changes
	      names components to be obtained from the server

       XkbGetNameChanges examines the changes parameter, retrieves the necessary information from
       the server, and places the results into the xkb keyboard description.

       XkbGetNamesChanges can generate BadAlloc, BadImplementation, and BadMatch errors.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

		      Invalid reply from server

       BadMatch       A  compatible version of Xkb was not available in the server or an argument
		      has correct type and range, but is otherwise invalid


X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 		     XkbGetNameChanges(3)
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