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XkbGetKeyboard(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 			XkbGetKeyboard(3)

       XkbGetKeyboard -   Retrieves one or more components of a keyboard device description

       Bool XkbGetKeyboard ( display, which, device_spec )
	     Display * display;
	     unsigned int which;
	     unsigned int device_spec;

	      connection to the X server

	      device ID, or XkbUseCoreKbd

	      determines events to be selected / deselected

	      1=>select, 0->deselect; for events in bits_to_change

       XkbGetKeyboard  allocates  and returns a pointer to a keyboard description. It queries the
       server for those components specified in the which parameter for  device  device_spec  and
       copies  the  results  to the XkbDescRec it allocated. The remaining fields in the keyboard
       description are set to NULL. The valid masks for which are those listed in Table 1.

	       Table 1 Mask Bits for XkbDescRec
       Mask Bit 	      XkbDescRec Field	 Value
       XkbControlsMask	      ctrls		 (1L<<0)
       XkbServerMapMask       server		 (1L<<1)
       XkbIClientMapMask      map		 (1L<<2)
       XkbIndicatorMapMask    indicators	 (1L<<3)
       XkbNamesMask	      names		 (1L<<4)
       XkbCompatMapMask       compat		 (1L<<5)
       XkbGeometryMask	      geom		 (1L<<6)
       XkbAllComponentsMask   All Fields	 (1L<<7)

       XkbGetKeyboard is used to read the current description for one or  more	components  of	a
       keyboard device. It calls XkbGetKeyboardByName as follows:

       XkbGetKeyboardByName(dpy, device_spec, NULL, which, which, False).

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 			XkbGetKeyboard(3)
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