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XkbGetGeometry(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 			XkbGetGeometry(3)

       XkbGetGeometry - Loads a keyboard geometry if you already have the keyboard description

       Status XkbGetGeometry ( dpy, xkb )
	     Display * dpy;
	     XkbDescPtr xkb;

       - dpy  connection to the X server

       - xkb  keyboard description that contains the ID for the keyboard and into which the geom-
	      etry should be loaded

       You can load a  keyboard  geometry  as  part  of  the  keyboard	description  returned  by
       XkbGetKeyboard.	 However,  if  a keyboard description has been previously loaded, you can
       instead obtain the geometry by calling the XkbGetGeometry.  In  this  case,  the  geometry
       returned  is the one associated with the keyboard whose device ID is contained in the key-
       board description.

       XkbGetGeometry can return BadValue, BadImplementation,  BadName,  BadAlloc,  or	BadLength
       errors or Success if it succeeds.

       BadAlloc       Unable to allocate storage

		      Invalid reply from server

       BadLength      The  length  of  a request is shorter or longer than that required to mini-
		      mally contain the arguments

       BadName	      A font or color of the specified name does not exist

       BadValue       An argument is out of range


X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 			XkbGetGeometry(3)
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