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XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges(3)		  XKB FUNCTIONS 	       XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges(3)

       XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges	-  Query  the changes that have occurred in the button actions or
       indicator names and indicator maps associated with an input extension device

       Status XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges ( dpy, device_info, changes )
	     Display * dpy;
	     XkbDeviceInfoPtr device_info;
	     XkbDeviceChangesPtr changes;

       - dpy  connection to X server

       - device_info
	      structure to update with results

       - changes
	      contains notes of changes that have occurred

       The  changes->changed  field  indicates	which  attributes  of  the  device  specified  in
       changes->device	have  changed. The parameters describing the changes are contained in the
       other fields of changes. XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges uses that information to call XkbGetDevi-
       ceInfo to obtain the current status of those attributes that have changed. It then updates
       the local description of the device in device_info with the new information.


X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 	       XkbGetDeviceInfoChanges(3)
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