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XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat(3)		  XKB FUNCTIONS 	    XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat(3)

       XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat  -  Determines whether or not the server supports DetectableAu-

       Bool XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat ( display, supported_rtrn )
	     Display * display;
	     Bool * supported_rtrn;

       - display
	      connection to X server

       - supported_rtrn
	      backfilled True if DetectableAutorepeat supported

       Auto-repeat is the generation of multiple key events by a keyboard when the user presses a
       key  and  holds	it  down.  Keyboard hardware and device-dependent X server software often
       implement auto-repeat by generating multiple KeyPress events with  no  intervening  KeyRe-
       lease  event.  The standard behavior of the X server is to generate a KeyRelease event for
       every KeyPress event. If the keyboard hardware and  device-dependent  software  of  the	X
       server  implement  auto-repeat by generating multiple KeyPress events, the device-indepen-
       dent part of the X server by default synthetically generates a KeyRelease event after each
       KeyPress event. This provides predictable behavior for X clients, but does not allow those
       clients to detect the fact that a key is auto-repeating.

       Xkb allows clients to request detectable auto-repeat.  If a client requests and the server
       supports DetectableAutorepeat, Xkb generates KeyRelease events only when the key is physi-
       cally released. If DetectableAutorepeat is not supported or has not  been  requested,  the
       server synthesizes a KeyRelease event for each repeating KeyPress event it generates.

       DetectableAutorepeat, unlike other controls, is not contained in the XkbControlsRec struc-
       ture, nor can it be enabled or disabled via the EnabledControls control.   Instead,  query
       and  set DetectableAutorepeat using XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat and XkbSetDetectableAutore-

       DetectableAutorepeat is a condition that applies to all keyboard devices  for  a  client's
       connection  to a given X server; it cannot be selectively set for some devices and not for
       others. For this reason, none of the Xkb library functions involving  DetectableAutorepeat
       involve a device specifier.

       XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat  queries  the server for the current state of DetectableAutore-
       peat and waits for a reply. If supported_rtrn is not  NULL,  it	backfills  supported_rtrn
       with  True  if  the  server supports DetectableAutorepeat, and False otherwise.	XkbGetDe-
       tectableAutorepeat returns the current state of DetectableAutorepeat  for  the  requesting
       client: True if DetectableAutorepeat is set, and False otherwise.

       True	      The XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat function returns True if the server supports

       False	      The XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat function returns False if	the  server  does
		      not support DetectableAutorepeat.

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 	    XkbGetDetectableAutorepeat(3)
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