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X11R7.4 - man page for xkbcomputeshapetop (x11r4 section 3)

XkbComputeShapeTop(3)			  XKB FUNCTIONS 		    XkbComputeShapeTop(3)

       XkbComputeShapeTop - Determines the bounding box of the top surface of a shape

       Bool XkbComputeShapeTop ( shape, bounds_rtrn )
	     XkbShapePtr shape;
	     XkbBoundsPtr bounds_rtrn;

       - shape
	      shape to be examined

       - bounds_rtrn
	      backfilled with the bounding box for the shape

       Xkb  provides  a  number  of convenience functions to help use a keyboard geometry.  These
       include functions to return the bounding box of a shape's top surface and  to  update  the
       bounding box of a shape row or section.

       A  shape is made up of a number of outlines. Each outline is a polygon made up of a number
       of points. The bounding box of a shape is a rectangle that contains all	the  outlines  of
       that shape.

       XkbComputeShapeTop  returns a BoundsRec that contains two x and y coordinates. These coor-
       dinates describe the corners of a rectangle that contains the outline that  describes  the
       top  surface  of  the shape. The top surface is defined to be the approximating outline if
       the approx field of shape is not NULL. If approx is NULL, the top surface  is  defined  as
       the  last  outline  in the shape's array of outlines.  XkbComputeShapeTop returns False if
       shape is NULL or if there are no outlines for the shape; otherwise, it returns True.

       typedef struct _XkbBounds {
	    short     x1,y1;	/* upper left corner of the bounds, in mm/10 */
	    short     x2,y2;	/* lower right corner of the bounds, in mm/10 */
       } XkbBoundsRec, *XkbBoundsPtr;

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 		    XkbComputeShapeTop(3)

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