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XQueryExtension(3)			   X FUNCTIONS			       XQueryExtension(3)

       XQueryExtension, XListExtensions, XFreeExtensionList - list available extensions

       Bool	XQueryExtension(display,     name,    major_opcode_return,    first_event_return,

       char **XListExtensions(display, nextensions_return)


       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

       name	 Specifies the extension name.

		 Returns the major opcode.

		 Returns the first event code, if any.

		 Returns the first error code, if any.

		 Returns the number of extensions listed.

       list	 Specifies the list of extension names.

       The XQueryExtension function determines if the named extension is present.  If the  exten-
       sion  is  not  present, XQueryExtension returns False; otherwise, it returns True.  If the
       extension is present, XQueryExtension returns  the  major  opcode  for  the  extension  to
       major_opcode_return; otherwise, it returns zero.  Any minor opcode and the request formats
       are specific to	the  extension.   If  the  extension  involves	additional  event  types,
       XQueryExtension	returns  the  base  event  type code to first_event_return; otherwise, it
       returns zero. The format of the events is specific to the  extension.   If  the	extension
       involves   additional  error  codes,  XQueryExtension  returns  the  base  error  code  to
       first_error_return; otherwise, it returns zero.	The format  of	additional  data  in  the
       errors  is  specific  to the extension.	If the extension name is not in the Host Portable
       Character Encoding the result is implementation-dependent.  Uppercase and  lowercase  mat-
       ter; the strings ``thing'', ``Thing'', and ``thinG'' are all considered different names.

       The  XListExtensions function returns a list of all extensions supported by the server. If
       the data returned by the server is in the Latin	Portable  Character  Encoding,	then  the
       returned  strings  are  in  the Host Portable Character Encoding. Otherwise, the result is

       The XFreeExtensionList function frees the memory allocated by XListExtensions.

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 		       XQueryExtension(3)
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