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XEVIE(3)										 XEVIE(3)

       Xevie - X Event Interception Extension (XEvIE)

       #include <X11/extensions/Xevie.h>

       Status XevieQueryVersion (Display *dpy,
	    int *major_versionp,
	    int *minor_versionp);

       Status XevieStart     (Display *dpy);

       Status XevieSelectInput	   (Display *dpy,
	    long event_mask);

       Status XevieSendEvent  (Display *dpy,
	   XEvent *event,
	   char   *fIdataType);

       Status XevieEnd	   (Display *dpy);

       display	 Specifies the connection to the X server.

		 Specifies the mask of events to redirect.


		 XEVIE_MODIFIED  or  XEVIE_UNMODIFIED  -  whether the Xevie client has changed or
		 synthesised this event.

       X Event Interception Extension (XEvIE) is designed for users who need to intercept all the
       Keyboard  and  Mouse  events.   Programs can determine which events should be forwarded to
       other clients and modify the events if necessary.

       XevieQueryVersion The XevieQueryVersion function returns the major and minor protocol ver-
       sion  numbers  supported by the server.	XevieQueryVersion returns True if success, other-
       wise, it returns False.

       XevieStart The XevieStart function requests that the X server enable the XEvIE  extension.
       Once XEvIE is successfully enabled, all the XevieSelectInput specified events will be sent
       to the client which has enabled XEvIE.  If XKB or AccessX is enabled, the events that  are
       sent to the XEvIE clients are XKB/AccessX processed (filtered) ones.

       XevieSendEvent Events are sent back to the X server through XevieSendEvent.

       XevieEnd  The  XevieEnd	function requests that the X server disables the XEvIE extension.
       Once XEvIE is disabled successfully, the X  server  stops  sending  events  to  the  XEvIE

       XevieSelectInput The XevieSelectInput function requests that the X server reports the key-
       board and pointer events associated with the specified event mask.   By	default,  X  will
       report KeyPress, KeyRelease, ButtonPress, ButtonRelease and MotionNotify events.

       Xevie will remain upward compatible after the current 1.0 release.

       Derek Wang and Stuart Kreitman, Sun Microsystems, Inc.

X Version 11				  libXevie 1.0.2				 XEVIE(3)
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