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XErrorEvent(3)				  XLIB FUNCTIONS			   XErrorEvent(3)

       XErrorEvent - X error event structure

       The XErrorEvent structure contains:

       typedef struct {
	    int type;
	    Display *display;	/* Display the event was read from */
	    unsigned long serial;/* serial number of failed request */
	    unsigned char error_code;/* error code of failed request */
	    unsigned char request_code;/* Major op-code of failed request */
	    unsigned char minor_code;/* Minor op-code of failed request */
	    XID resourceid;	/* resource id */
       } XErrorEvent;

       When you receive this event, the structure members are set as follows.

       The serial member is the number of requests, starting from one, sent over the network con-
       nection since it was opened.  It is the number that was the value of NextRequest immedi-
       ately before the failing call was made.	The request_code member is a protocol request of
       the procedure that failed, as defined in <X11/Xproto.h>.

       AllPlanes(3X11), XAnyEvent(3X11), XButtonEvent(3X11), XCreateWindowEvent(3X11), XCircula-
       teEvent(3X11), XCirculateRequestEvent(3X11), XColormapEvent(3X11), XConfigureEvent(3X11),
       XConfigureRequestEvent(3X11), XCrossingEvent(3X11), XDestroyWindowEvent(3X11), XEx-
       poseEvent(3X11), XFocusChangeEvent(3X11), XGraphicsExposeEvent(3X11), XGravityEvent(3X11),
       XKeymapEvent(3X11), XMapEvent(3X11), XMapRequestEvent(3X11), XPropertyEvent(3X11), XRepar-
       entEvent(3X11), XResizeRequestEvent(3X11), XSelectionClearEvent(3X11), XSelection-
       Event(3X11), XSelectionRequestEvent(3X11), XUnmapEvent(3X11), XVisibilityEvent(3X11)
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11				   libX11 1.2.1 			   XErrorEvent(3)
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