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XdbeQueryExtension(3)			   X FUNCTIONS			    XdbeQueryExtension(3)

       XdbeQueryExtension - returns the version of DBE supported by the server.

       #include <X11/extensions/Xdbe.h>

       Status XdbeQueryExtension(
	   Display *dpy,
	   int	   *major_version_return,
	   int	   *minor_version_return)

       Sets  major_version_return  and	minor_version_return  to the major and minor DBE protocol
       version supported by the server.  If the  DBE  library  is  compatible  with  the  version
       returned  by  the server, this function returns non-zero.  If dpy does not support the DBE
       extension, or if there was an error during communication with the server, or if the server
       and library protocol versions are incompatible, this function returns zero.  No other Xdbe
       functions may be called before this function.  If a client violates this rule, the effects
       of all subsequent Xdbe calls that it makes are undefined.

       DBE,   XdbeAllocateBackBufferName(),   XdbeBeginIdiom(),   XdbeDeallocateBackBufferName(),
       XdbeEndIdiom(), XdbeFreeVisualInfo(), XdbeGetBackBufferAttributes(),  XdbeGetVisualInfo(),

X Version 11				  libXext 1.0.5 		    XdbeQueryExtension(3)
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