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Xfontcache(3)									    Xfontcache(3)

       Xfontcache - X-TrueType font cache extension client library

       #include <X11/extensions/FontCache.h>

       typedef struct {
	    long	   himark;
	    long	   lowmark;
	    long	   balance;
       } FontCacheSettings, *FontCacheSettingsPtr;

       struct cacheinfo {
	    long	   hits;
	    long	   misshits;
	    long	   purged;
	    long	   usage;

       typedef struct {
	    long	   purge_runs;
	    long	   purge_stat;
	    long	   balance;
	    struct cacheinfof;
	    struct cacheinfov;
       } FontCacheStatistics, *FontCacheStatisticsPtr;

       Bool FontCacheQueryExtension(Display *dpy, int *event_basep, int *error_basep);

       Status FontCacheQueryVersion(Display *dpy, int *major_versionp, int *minor_versionp);

       Status FontCacheGetCacheSettings(Display *dpy, FontCacheSettings *cache info);

       Status FontCacheChangeCacheSettings(Display *dpy, FontCacheSettings *cache info);

       Status  FontCacheGetCacheStatistics(Display  *dpy,  FontCacheStatistics	*cache statistics

       FontCache is an extension that is used by X-TrueType to cache informations about fonts.

       FontCacheQueryExtension returns True if the FontCache extension is available on the  given
       display.   A  client must call FontCacheQueryExtension before calling any other Xfontcache
       function in order to negotiate a compatible protocol version; otherwise	the  client  will
       get undefined behavior (Xfontcache may or may not work).

       FontCacheQueryVersion  returns  True if the request succeeded; the values of the major and
       minor protocol versions supported  by  the  server  are	returned  in  major_versionp  and
       minor_versionp .

       FontCacheGetCacheSettings  should be documented here.  Returns True on success or False on

       FontCacheChangeCacheSettings should be documented here.	Returns True on success or  False
       on failure.

       FontCacheGetCacheStatistics  should  be documented here.  Returns True on success or False
       on failure.

       FontCacheChangeCacheSettings will return BadValue if passed an illegal parameters for low-
       mark, himark or balance fields.


       Akio Morita, X-TrueType team, Nozomi Ytow.

       This  API  is  considered  as  experimental.  The Xfontcache library major revision may be
       incremented whenever incompatible changes are done to the API  without  notice.	Use  with

X Version 11			       libXfontcache 1.0.4			    Xfontcache(3)
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