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       xcursorgen - create an X cursor file from a collection of PNG images

       xcursorgen  [  -V  ] [ --version ] [ -? ] [ --help ] [ -p dir ] [ --prefix dir ] [ config-
       file [ output-file ] ]

       Xcursorgen reads the config-file to find the  list  of  cursor  images  along  with  their
       hotspot	and  nominal  size information.  Xcursorgen converts all of the images to Xcursor
       format and writes them to the output-file.

       Each line in the config file is of the form:
       <size> <xhot> <yhot> <filename> <ms-delay>

       Multiple images with the same <size> are used to create animated cursors,  the  <ms-delay>
       value  on  each line indicates how long each image should be displayed before switching to
       the next.  <ms-delay> can be elided for static cursors.

       If config-file is not specified, or is specified as "-", standard input is  used  for  the
       configuration  file.   If  output-file  is not specified, or is specified as "-", standard
       output is used for the output file.

       -V, --version
	       Display the version number and exit.

       -?, --help
	       Display the usage message and exit.

       -p dir, --prefix dir
	       Find cursor images in the directory specified by dir.   If not specified, the cur-
	       rent directory is used.


X Version 11				 xcursorgen 1.0.2			    XCURSORGEN(1)
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