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PODCHECKER(1)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide		    PODCHECKER(1)

       podchecker - check the syntax of POD format documentation files

       podchecker [-help] [-man] [-(no)warnings] [file ...]

       -help   Print a brief help message and exit.

       -man    Print the manual page and exit.

       -warnings -nowarnings
	       Turn on/off printing of warnings. Repeating -warnings increases the warning level,
	       i.e. more warnings are printed. Currently increasing to level two causes flagging
	       of unescaped "<,>" characters.

       file    The pathname of a POD file to syntax-check (defaults to standard input).

       podchecker will read the given input files looking for POD syntax errors in the POD docu-
       mentation and will print any errors it find to STDERR. At the end, it will print a status
       message indicating the number of errors found.

       Directories are ignored, an appropriate warning message is printed.

       podchecker invokes the podchecker() function exported by Pod::Checker Please see "pod-
       checker()" in Pod::Checker for more details.

       podchecker returns a 0 (zero) exit status if all specified POD files are ok.

       podchecker returns the exit status 1 if at least one of the given POD files has syntax

       The status 2 indicates that at least one of the specified files does not contain any POD

       Status 1 overrides status 2. If you want unambigouus results, call podchecker with one
       single argument only.

       Pod::Parser and Pod::Checker

       Please report bugs using <http://rt.cpan.org>.

       Brad Appleton <bradapp@enteract.com>, Marek Rouchal <marekr@cpan.org>

       Based on code for Pod::Text::pod2text(1) written by Tom Christiansen

perl v5.8.9				    2009-04-13				    PODCHECKER(1)
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