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PERLOPENBSD(1)			 Perl Programmers Reference Guide		   PERLOPENBSD(1)

       README.openbsd - Perl version 5 on OpenBSD systems

       This document describes various features of OpenBSD that will affect how Perl version 5
       (hereafter just Perl) is compiled and/or runs.

       OpenBSD core dumps from getprotobyname_r and getservbyname_r with ithreads

       When Perl is configured to use ithreads, it will use re-entrant library calls in prefer-
       ence to non-re-entrant versions.  There is an incompatability in OpenBSD's "getprotoby-
       name_r" and "getservbyname_r" function in versions 3.7 and later that will cause a SEGV
       when called without doing a "bzero" on their return structs prior to calling these func-
       tions.  Current Perl's should handle this problem correctly.  Older threaded Perls (5.8.6
       or earlier) will run into this problem.	If you want to run a threaded Perl on OpenBSD 3.7
       or higher, you will need to upgrade to at least Perl 5.8.7.

       Steve Peters <steve@fisharerojo.org>

       Please report any errors, updates, or suggestions to perlbug@perl.org.

perl v5.8.9				    2007-11-17				   PERLOPENBSD(1)
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