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ddi_dma_devalign(9f) [v7 man page]

ddi_dma_devalign(9F)					   Kernel Functions for Drivers 				      ddi_dma_devalign(9F)

ddi_dma_devalign - find DMA mapping alignment and minimum transfer size SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/conf.h> #include <sys/ddi.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> int ddi_dma_devalign(ddi_dma_handle_t handle, uint_t *alignment, uint_t *minxfr); INTERFACE LEVEL
Solaris DDI specific (Solaris DDI). PARAMETERS
handle The DMA handle filled in by a successful call to ddi_dma_setup(9F). alignment A pointer to an unsigned integer to be filled in with the minimum required alignment for DMA. The alignment is guaranteed to be a power of two. minxfr A pointer to an unsigned integer to be filled in with the minimum effective transfer size (see ddi_iomin(9F), ddi_dma_lim_sparc(9S) and ddi_dma_lim_x86(9S)). This also is guaranteed to be a power of two. DESCRIPTION
ddi_dma_devalign() determines after a successful DMA mapping (see ddi_dma_setup(9F)) the minimum required data alignment and minimum DMA transfer size. RETURN VALUES
ddi_dma_devalign() returns: DDI_SUCCESS The alignment and minxfr values have been filled. DDI_FAILURE The handle was illegal. CONTEXT
ddi_dma_devalign() can be called from user or interrupt context. SEE ALSO
ddi_dma_setup(9F), ddi_iomin(9F), ddi_dma_lim_sparc(9S), ddi_dma_lim_x86(9S), ddi_dma_req(9S) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 1 Feb 1994 ddi_dma_devalign(9F)

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ddi_dma_curwin(9F)					   Kernel Functions for Drivers 					ddi_dma_curwin(9F)

ddi_dma_curwin - report current DMA window offset and size SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/conf.h> #include <sys/ddi.h> #include <sys/sunddi.h> int ddi_dma_curwin(ddi_dma_handle_t handle, off_t *offp, uint_t *lenp); INTERFACE LEVEL
This interface is obsolete. ddi_dma_getwin(9F) should be used instead. PARAMETERS
handle The DMA handle filled in by a call to ddi_dma_setup(9F). offp A pointer to a value which will be filled in with the current offset from the beginning of the object that is mapped for DMA. lenp A pointer to a value which will be filled in with the size, in bytes, of the current window onto the object that is mapped for DMA. DESCRIPTION
ddi_dma_curwin() reports the current DMA window offset and size. If a DMA mapping allows partial mapping, that is if the DDI_DMA_PARTIAL flag in the ddi_dma_req(9S) structure is set, its current (effective) DMA window offset and size can be obtained by a call to ddi_dma_cur- win(). RETURN VALUES
ddi_dma_curwin() returns: DDI_SUCCESS The current length and offset can be established. DDI_FAILURE Otherwise. CONTEXT
ddi_dma_curwin() can be called from user or interrupt context. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for a description of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Stability Level |Obsolete | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5), ddi_dma_getwin(9F), ddi_dma_movwin(9F), ddi_dma_setup(9F), ddi_dma_req(9S) Writing Device Drivers SunOS 5.10 27 Sep 2002 ddi_dma_curwin(9F)
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