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WORDS(6)										 WORDS(6)

       hangman, words - word games

       /usr/games/hangman [ dict ]


       Hangman chooses a word at least seven letters long from a word list.  The user is to guess
       letters one at a time.

       The optional argument names an alternate word list.  The special name `-a' gets a particu-
       lar very large word list.

       Words prints all the uncapitalized words in the word list that can be made from letters in

       /usr/dict/words		the regular word list
       /crp/dict/web2	   the the -a word list

       After each round, hangman reports the average number of guesses per round and  the  number
       of rounds.

       Hyphenated compounds are run together.

       UNIX software is distributed without the -a word list.

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