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Unix Version 7 - man page for vp (v7 section 4)

VP(4)				     Kernel Interfaces Manual				    VP(4)

       vp - Versatec printer-plotter

       Vp0  is	the  interface	to a Versatec D1200A printer-plotter with a Versatec C-PDP11(DMA)
       controller.  Ordinarily bytes written on  it  are  interpreted  as  ASCII  characters  and
       printed.  As a printer, it writes 64 lines of 132 characters each on 11 by 8.5 inch paper.
       Only some of the ASCII control characters are interpreted.

       NL     performs the usual new-line function, i.e.  spaces up the paper and resets  to  the
	      left margin.  It is ignored however following a CR which ends a non-empty line.

       CR     is ignored if the current line is empty but is otherwise like NL.

       FF     resets to the left margin and then to the top of the next page.

       EOT    resets to the left margin, advances 8 inches, and then performs a FF.

       The  ioctl(2)  system  call  may be used to change the mode of the device.  Only the first
       word of the 3-word argument structure is used.  The bits mean:

       0400   Enter simultaneous print/plot mode.
       0200   Enter plot mode.
       0100   Enter print mode (default on open).
       040    Send remote terminate.
       020    Send remote form-feed.
       010    Send remote EOT.
       04     Send remote clear.
       02     Send remote reset.

       On open a reset, clear, and form-feed are performed automatically.  Notice that	the  mode
       bits are not encoded, so that it is required that exactly one be set.

       In  plot mode each byte is interpreted as 8 bits of which the high-order is plotted to the
       left; a `1' leaves a visible dot.  A full line of dots is produced by 264 bytes; lines are
       terminated  only  by count or by a remote terminate function.  There are 200 dots per inch
       both vertically and horizontally.

       When simultaneous print-plot mode is entered exactly one line of characters, terminated by
       NL,  CR, or the remote terminate function, should be written.  Then the device enters plot
       mode and at least 20 lines of plotting bytes should be sent.  As the  line  of  characters
       (which  is  20  dots  high) is printed, the plotting bytes overlay the characters.  Notice
       that it is impossible to print characters on baselines that differ by fewer than  20  dot-

       In  print  mode	lines  may be terminated either with an appropriate ASCII character or by
       using the remote terminate function.




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