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MEM(4)											   MEM(4)

       mem, kmem  -  core memory

       Mem  is	a  special  file  that is an image of the core memory of the computer.	It may be
       used, for example, to examine, and even to patch the system.  Kmem  is  the  same  as  mem
       except that kernel virtual memory rather than physical memory is accessed.

       Byte  addresses are interpreted as memory addresses.  References to non-existent locations
       return errors.

       Examining and patching device registers is likely to lead to unexpected results when read-
       only or write-only bits are present.

       On  PDP11's,  the I/O page begins at location 0160000 of kmem and per-process data for the
       current process begins at 0140000.

       /dev/mem, /dev/kmem

       On PDP11's, memory files are accessed one byte at a time, an inapproriate method for  some
       device registers.

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