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HS(4)											    HS(4)

       hs - RH11/RS03-RS04 fixed-head disk file

       The  files  hs0	...  hs7  refer to RJS03 disk drives 0 through 7.  The files hs8 ... hs15
       refer to RJS04 disk drives 0 through 7.	The RJS03 drives are each 1024	blocks	long  and
       the RJS04 drives are 2048 blocks long.

       The  hs	files access the disk via the system's normal buffering mechanism and may be read
       and written without regard to physical disk records.  There is also a `raw' inteface which
       provides  for direct transmission between the disk and the user's read or write buffer.	A
       single read or write call results in exactly one I/O operation and therefore  raw  I/O  is
       considerably  more  efficient  when  many  words are transmitted.  The names of the raw HS
       files begin with rhs.  The same minor device considerations hold for the raw interface  as
       for the normal interface.

       In  raw	I/O  the buffer must begin on a word boundary, and counts should be a multiple of
       512 bytes (a disk block).  Likewise lseek calls should specify a multiple of 512 bytes.

       /dev/hs?, /dev/rhs?

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