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GETS(3S)										 GETS(3S)

       gets, fgets - get a string from a stream

       #include <stdio.h>

       char *gets(s)
       char *s;

       char *fgets(s, n, stream)
       char *s;
       FILE *stream;

       Gets reads a string into s from the standard input stream stdin.  The string is terminated
       by a newline character, which is replaced in s by a  null  character.   Gets  returns  its

       Fgets  reads n-1 characters, or up to a newline character, whichever comes first, from the
       stream into the string s.  The last character read into s is followed by a null character.
       Fgets returns its first argument.

       puts(3), getc(3), scanf(3), fread(3), ferror(3)

       Gets and fgets return the constant pointer NULL upon end of file or error.

       Gets deletes a newline, fgets keeps it, all in the name of backward compatibility.

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