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EXP(3M) 										  EXP(3M)

       exp, log, log10, pow, sqrt - exponential, logarithm, power, square root

       #include <math.h>

       double exp(x)
       double x;

       double log(x)
       double x;

       double log10(x)
       double x;

       double pow(x, y)
       double x, y;

       double sqrt(x)
       double x;

       Exp returns the exponential function of x.

       Log returns the natural logarithm of x; log10 returns the base 10 logarithm.

       Pow returns xy.

       Sqrt returns the square root of x.

       hypot(3), sinh(3), intro(2)

       Exp  and  pow  return  a huge value when the correct value would overflow; errno is set to
       ERANGE.	Pow returns 0 and sets errno to EDOM when the second  argument	is  negative  and
       non-integral and when both arguments are 0.

       Log returns 0 when x is zero or negative; errno is set to EDOM.

       Sqrt returns 0 when x is negative; errno is set to EDOM.

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