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CTYPE(3)										 CTYPE(3)

       isalpha, isupper, islower, isdigit, isalnum, isspace, ispunct, isprint, iscntrl, isascii -
       character classification

       #include <ctype.h>


       . . .

       These macros classify ASCII-coded integer values by table lookup.   Each  is  a	predicate
       returning nonzero for true, zero for false.  Isascii is defined on all integer values; the
       rest are defined only where isascii is true and on the single  non-ASCII  value	EOF  (see

       isalpha	      c is a letter

       isupper	      c is an upper case letter

       islower	      c is a lower case letter

       isdigit	      c is a digit

       isalnum	      c is an alphanumeric character

       isspace	      c is a space, tab, carriage return, newline, or formfeed

       ispunct	      c is a punctuation character (neither control nor alphanumeric)

       isprint	      c is a printing character, code 040(8) (space) through 0176 (tilde)

       iscntrl	      c  is  a	delete	character (0177) or ordinary control character (less than

       isascii	      c is an ASCII character, code less than 0200


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