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MKNOD(2)										 MKNOD(2)

       mknod - make a directory or a special file

       mknod(name, mode, addr)
       char *name;

       Mknod creates a new file whose name is the null-terminated string pointed to by name.  The
       mode of the new file (including directory and special file bits) is initialized from mode.
       (The  protection  part  of the mode is modified by the process's mode mask; see umask(2)).
       The first block pointer of the i-node is initialized from addr.	For  ordinary  files  and
       directories  addr  is  normally zero.  In the case of a special file, addr specifies which
       special file.

       Mknod may be invoked only by the super-user.

       mkdir(1), mknod(1), filsys(5)

       Zero is returned if the file has been made; -1 if the file already exists or if	the  user
       is not the super-user.

       (mknod = 14.)
       sys mknod; name; mode; addr

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