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GETUID(2)										GETUID(2)

       getuid, getgid, geteuid, getegid - get user and group identity

       getuid( )

       geteuid( )

       getgid( )

       getegid( )

       Getuid  returns	the  real  user ID of the current process, geteuid the effective user ID.
       The real user ID identifies the person who is  logged  in,  in  contradistinction  to  the
       effective  user ID, which determines his access permission at the moment.  It is thus use-
       ful to programs which operate using the `set user ID' mode, to find out who invoked them.

       Getgid returns the real group ID, getegid the effective group ID.


       (getuid = 24.)
       sys getuid
       (real user ID in r0, effective user ID in r1)

       (getgid = 47.)
       sys getgid
       (real group ID in r0, effective group ID in r1)

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