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QUOT(1M)										 QUOT(1M)

       quot - summarize file system ownership

       quot [ option ] ...  [ filesystem ]

       Quot prints the number of blocks in the named filesystem currently owned by each user.  If
       no filesystem is named, a default name is assumed.  The following options are available:

       -n     Cause the pipeline ncheck filesystem | sort +0n | quot -n filesystem to  produce	a
	      list of all files and their owners.

       -c     Print  three  columns giving file size in blocks, number of files of that size, and
	      cumulative total of blocks in that size or smaller file.

       -f     Print count of number of files as well as space owned by each user.

       Default file system varies with system.
       /etc/passwd to get user names

       ls(1), du(1)

       Holes in files are counted as if they actually occupied space.

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