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MOUNT(1M)										MOUNT(1M)

       mount, umount - mount and dismount file system

       /etc/mount [ special name [ -r ] ]

       /etc/umount special

       Mount  announces  to the system that a removable file system is present on the device spe-
       cial.  The file name must exist already; it must be a directory (unless the  root  of  the
       mounted	file  system is not a directory).  It becomes the name of the newly mounted root.
       The optional last argument indicates that the file system is to be mounted read-only.

       Umount announces to the system that the removable file system previously mounted on device
       special is to be removed.

       These commands maintain a table of mounted devices.  If invoked without an argument, mount
       prints the table.

       Physically write-protected and magnetic tape file systems must  be  mounted  read-only  or
       errors  will  occur  when  access  times are updated, whether or not any explicit write is

       /etc/mtab: mount table

       mount(2), mtab(5)

       Mounting file systems full of garbage will crash the system.
       Mounting a root directory on a non-directory makes some apparently good pathnames invalid.

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