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AC(1M)											   AC(1M)

       ac - login accounting

       ac [ -w wtmp ] [ -p ] [ -d ] [ people ] ...

       Ac produces a printout giving connect time for each user who has logged in during the life
       of the current wtmp file.  A total is also produced.  -w is used to specify  an	alternate
       wtmp file.  -p prints individual totals; without this option, only totals are printed.  -d
       causes a printout for each midnight to midnight period.	Any people will limit the  print-
       out to only the specified login names.  If no wtmp file is given, /usr/adm/wtmp is used.

       The  accounting file /usr/adm/wtmp is maintained by init and login.  Neither of these pro-
       grams creates the file, so if it does not exist no connect-time accounting  is  done.   To
       start  accounting,  it  should be created with length 0.  On the other hand if the file is
       left undisturbed it will grow without  bound,  so  periodically	any  information  desired
       should be collected and the file truncated.


       init(8), login(1), utmp(5).

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