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PLOT(1G)										 PLOT(1G)

       plot - graphics filters

       plot [ -Tterminal [ raster ] ]

       These  commands	read  plotting instructions (see plot(5)) from the standard input, and in
       general produce plotting instructions suitable for a particular terminal on  the  standard

       If  no  terminal  type  is  specified, the environment parameter $TERM (see environ(5)) is
       used.  Known terminals are:

       4014   Tektronix 4014 storage scope.

       450    DASI Hyterm 450 terminal (Diablo mechanism).

       300    DASI 300 or GSI terminal (Diablo mechanism).

       300S   DASI 300S terminal (Diablo mechanism).

       ver    Versatec D1200A printer-plotter.	This version  of  plot	places	a  scan-converted
	      image  in  `/usr/tmp/raster'  and  sends	the result directly to the plotter device
	      rather than to the standard output.  The	optional  argument  causes  a  previously
	      scan-converted file raster to be sent to the plotter.


       plot(3), plot(5)

       There is no lockout protection for /usr/tmp/raster.

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