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Unix Version 7 - man page for xsend (v7 section 1)

XSEND, XGET, ENROLL(1)					      General Commands Manual					    XSEND, XGET, ENROLL(1)

xsend, xget, enroll - secret mail
xsend person xget enroll
These commands implement a secure communication channel; it is like mail(1), but no one can read the messages except the intended recipi- ent. The method embodies a public-key cryptosystem using knapsacks. To receive messages, use enroll; it asks you for a password that you must subsequently quote in order to receive secret mail. To receive secret mail, use xget. It asks for your password, then gives you the messages. To send secret mail, use xsend in the same manner as the ordinary mail command. (However, it will accept only one target). A message announcing the receipt of secret mail is also sent by ordinary mail.
/usr/spool/secretmail/*.key: keys /usr/spool/secretmail/*.[0-9]: messages
mail (1)
It should be integrated with ordinary mail. The announcement of secret mail makes traffic analysis possible. XSEND, XGET, ENROLL(1)

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