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Unix Version 7 - man page for write (v7 section 1)

WRITE(1)			     General Commands Manual				 WRITE(1)

       write  -  write to another user

       write user [ ttyname ]

       Write  copies  lines  from  your  terminal to that of another user.  When first called, it
       sends the message

	    Message from yourname yourttyname...

       The recipient of the message should write back at  this	point.	 Communication	continues
       until  an  end  of  file is read from the terminal or an interrupt is sent.  At that point
       write writes `EOT' on the other terminal and exits.

       If you want to write to a user who is logged in more than once, the ttyname  argument  may
       be used to indicate the appropriate terminal name.

       Permission  to  write  may be denied or granted by use of the mesg command.  At the outset
       writing is allowed.  Certain commands, in particular nroff and pr(1) disallow messages  in
       order to prevent messy output.

       If the character `!' is found at the beginning of a line, write calls the shell to execute
       the rest of the line as a command.

       The following protocol is suggested for using write: when you first write to another user,
       wait  for  him  to write back before starting to send.  Each party should end each message
       with a distinctive signal--(o) for `over' is conventional--that the other may reply.  (oo)
       for `over and out' is suggested when conversation is about to be terminated.

       /etc/utmp to find user
       /bin/sh	      to execute `!'

       mesg(1), who(1), mail(1)


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