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RATFOR(1)										RATFOR(1)

       ratfor - rational Fortran dialect

       ratfor [ option ... ] [ filename ... ]

       Ratfor  converts  a  rational dialect of Fortran into ordinary irrational Fortran.  Ratfor
       provides control flow constructs essentially identical to those in C:

       statement grouping:
	      { statement; statement; statement }

	      if (condition) statement [ else statement ]
	      switch (integer value) {
		   case integer:  statement
		   [ default: ]   statement

       loops: while (condition) statement
	      for (expression; condition; expression) statement
	      do limits statement
	      repeat statement [ until (condition) ]
	      break [n]
	      next [n]

       and some syntactic sugar to make programs easier to read and write:

       free form input:
	      multiple statements/line; automatic continuation

	      # this is a comment

       translation of relationals:
	      >, >=, etc., become .GT., .GE., etc.

       return (expression)
	      returns expression to caller from function

	      define name replacement

	      include filename

       The option -h causes quoted strings to be turned into 27H constructs.  -C copies  comments
       to  the output, and attempts to format it neatly.  Normally, continuation lines are marked
       with a & in column 1; the option -6x makes the continuation character x and places  it  in
       column 6.

       Ratfor is best used with f77(1).

       B. W. Kernighan and P. J. Plauger, Software Tools, Addison-Wesley, 1976.

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