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PREP(1) 						      General Commands Manual							   PREP(1)

prep - prepare text for statistical processing SYNOPSIS
prep [ -dio ] file ... DESCRIPTION
Prep reads each file in sequence and writes it on the standard output, one `word' to a line. A word is a string of alphabetic characters and imbedded apostrophes, delimited by space or punctuation. Hyphented words are broken apart; hyphens at the end of lines are removed and the hyphenated parts are joined. Strings of digits are discarded. The following option letters may appear in any order: -d Print the word number (in the input stream) with each word. -i Take the next file as an `ignore' file. These words will not appear in the output. (They will be counted, for purposes of the -d count.) -o Take the next file as an `only' file. Only these words will appear in the output. (All other words will also be counted for the -d count.) -p Include punctuation marks (single nonalphanumeric characters) as separate output lines. The punctuation marks are not counted for the -d count. Ignore and only files contain words, one per line. SEE ALSO
deroff(1) PREP(1)

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deroff(1)							   User Commands							 deroff(1)

deroff - remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn constructs SYNOPSIS
deroff [ -m [m | s | l] ] [-w] [-i] [ filename...] DESCRIPTION
deroff reads each of the filenames in sequence and removes all troff(1) requests, macro calls, backslash constructs, eqn(1) constructs (between .EQ and .EN lines, and between delimiters), and tbl(1) descriptions, perhaps replacing them with white space (blanks and blank lines), and writes the remainder of the file on the standard output. deroff follows chains of included files (.so and .nx troff commands); if a file has already been included, a .so naming that file is ignored and a .nx naming that file terminates execution. If no input file is given, deroff reads the standard input. OPTIONS
-m The -m option may be followed by an m, s, or l. The -mm option causes the macros to be interpreted so that only running text is output (that is, no text from macro lines.) The -ml option forces the -mm option and also causes deletion of lists associated with the mm macros. -w If the -w option is given, the output is a word list, one ``word'' per line, with all other characters deleted. Otherwise, the output follows the original, with the deletions mentioned above. In text, a ``word'' is any string that contains at least two let- ters and is composed of letters, digits, ampersands (&), and apostrophes ('); in a macro call, however, a ``word'' is a string that begins with at least two letters and contains a total of at least three letters. Delimiters are any characters other than letters, digits, apostrophes, and ampersands. Trailing apostrophes and ampersands are removed from ``words.'' -i The -i option causes deroff to ignore .so and .nx commands. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWdoc | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
eqn(1), nroff(1), tbl(1), troff(1), attributes(5) NOTES
deroff is not a complete troff interpreter, so it can be confused by subtle constructs. Most such errors result in too much rather than too little output. The -ml option does not handle nested lists correctly. SunOS 5.10 14 Sep 1992 deroff(1)
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