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PFM(1)                                                        General Commands Manual                                                       PFM(1)

pfm - Graphical PostgreSQL client using Tcl/Tk SYNOPSIS
This manual page documents briefly the pfm command. pfm (Postgres Forms) is a graphical PostgreSQL client. It allows the creation of forms to access data within a database. Related queries can be explored by the use of links between forms. OPTIONS
postgres(1), psql(1). The program documentation can be found at /usr/share/doc/pfm/help.html. AUTHOR
pfm was written by Willem Herremans <>. Homepage: This manual page was written by Mark Hindley <>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). Aug 8, 2007 PFM(1)

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TFBS::PatternI(3pm)					User Contributed Perl Documentation				       TFBS::PatternI(3pm)

TFBS::PatternI - interface definition for all pattern objects (currently includes matrices and word (consensus and regular expressions ) DESCRIPTION
TFBS::PatternI is a draft class that should contain general interface for matrix and other (future) pattern objects. It is not defined and not used yet, as I need to ponder over certain unresolved issues in general pattern definition. User feedback is more than welcome. FEEDBACK
Please send bug reports and other comments to the author. AUTHOR - Boris Lenhard Boris Lenhard <> APPENDIX
The rest of the documentation details each of the object methods. Internal methods are preceded with an underscore. ID Title : ID Usage : my $ID = $icm->ID() $pfm->ID('M00119'); Function: Get/set on the ID of the pattern (unique in a DB or a set) Returns : pattern ID (a string) Args : none for get, string for set name Title : name Usage : my $name = $pwm->name() $pfm->name('PPARgamma'); Function: Get/set on the name of the pattern Returns : pattern name (a string) Args : none for get, string for set class Title : class Usage : my $class = $pwm->class() $pfm->class('forkhead'); Function: Get/set on the structural class of the pattern Returns : class name (a string) Args : none for get, string for set tag Title : tag Usage : my $acc = $pwm->tag('acc') $pfm->tag(source => "Gibbs"); Function: Get/set on the structural class of the pattern Returns : tag value (a scalar/reference) Args : tag name (string) for get, tag name (string) and value (any scalar/reference) for set all_tags Title : all_tags Usage : my %tag = $pfm->all_tags(); Function: get a hash of all tags for a matrix Returns : a hash of all tag values keyed by tag name Args : none delete_tag Title : delete_tag Usage : $pfm->delete_tag('score'); Function: get a hash of all tags for a matrix Returns : nothing Args : a string (tag name) perl v5.14.2 2008-01-24 TFBS::PatternI(3pm)
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